We have years of experience developing, planning, marketing, researching, orchestrating and executing events ranging from Half-day Business Meetings to Multiple-day Conferences, Seminars, Expositions. Properly planned, promoted and executing your- Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions can make your organization top place in your marketplace. Our talents and experience encompass the full range of Event Management functions including:

• Hotel / venue site selection and contract negotiations
• Construction of booths
• Media proposals, advertisement for the event (Print / Electronic Media)
• Air and ground transportation negotiations & arrangements
• Food & beverage arrangements
• Marketing, including program design, distribution and implementation
• Clearing and forwarding (events related)
• Program development, speaker selection / contracting, program evaluation
• Registration, both advance and on-site, including acknowledgements
• Badges, credentialing, security and admissions control
• Insurance / risk assessment and coverage
• Entertainment contracting
• Development of staging guide
• Development and delivery of giveaways for all functions
• Pr-conference planning and execution tactical sessions